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Block Strike

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Versiune 5.0.2 acum 4 luni

Descriere Block Strike

Pick up a weapon and join the action-packed shootouts of Block Strike!

Block Strike is a new mobile FPS game that combines the visuals we all know and love of hit sensation Minecraft with the best shooter gameplay mechanics around. And it’s a multiplayer game!

Gather your friends, start a clan and shoot your way to victory!

Team Deathmatch will have you and your friends fighting to be the best team around but there are many other game modes for you to play: Death Run; Gun Game; Hunger Games; Bunny Hop; Zombie Survival; Surf and other crazy modes!

You’ll be blown away by the number of maps you have at your disposal. There are over 60! You have the small ones for you and your group of friends to explore or the huge ones for the most epic shootouts you’ll ever see. Then there are others with a lot of places to hide, dangerous traps and platforming sections.

Weapons and more weapons! You won’t get far without them in this game. There are more than 40 to choose from and you’ve got guns like the classic pistols, machine guns, rifles and deadly close combat weapons like sharp knifes.

Buy the guns you like best, upgrade them and make them look kickass with all kinds of colorful skins and stickers. Of course, even your character can be customized just the way you want. Make everyone else jealous of your style!

Block Strike is the fun and addictive FPS game that is here to stay. Show the whole world who the best shooter is.

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Aplicație bună garantată!

Aplicație bună garantată!

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Versiune APK 5.0.2
Compatibilitate Android 4.1.x+ (Jelly Bean)
Dezvoltator Rexet Studio
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